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Pulitzer High School

A newsies-based roleplay

An AU Newsies Roleplay
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This community is for an AU (well, AU in that it's modern) Roleplay based off the characters from the Disney Musical, Newsies. This serves as both the Roleplay hub, but also as the OOC area.

Character list as of right now is as follows:

Ryan "Blink" Ballatteyepatch_kid
Anthony "Race" Higginsemoskittles
Nick "Mush" Meyerssluttymush
S. "Dutchy" Groesbeckpoptab_toga
"Spot" Conloncallous_conlon
Jack "Cowboy" Kellysantafe_cowboy
Nicolo "Itey" Giancanadrummer_itey
Jeremy "Swifty" Daviesflexibleasian
Isaac "Skittery"forabuck_imight
Gabriel "Bumlets"2sexyformyshirt

mandi_mae is basically an NPC and only exists for the purpose of allowing blink to be blink, and keeping confusion away.