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Pulitzer High School

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21st May 2006

eyepatch_kid6:38pm: [IC]This hasn't been updated in ages.
I was expecting we'd get some chipper update about Prom, at the very least. But seeing as I'm not on the student council or the grad committee, I find no reason to take this responsibility into my hands.

So I'll just post here about... um, nothing really in particular.

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18th January 2006

eyepatch_kid5:33pm: Exams Suck
Blink sat down in the cafeteria. He'd just finished the written part of his Math final exam, and didn't have to write the multiple choice until that afternoon. He wondered vaguely where the others who had been writing were... he knew Jack was still in the gym working; he'd passed him on the way out. However, he was pretty sure Mush had left before he had.

He took his notebook out of his bag and began some last minute studying for the multiple choice.

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24th August 2005

mandi_mae12:27am: [IC] Welcome to the JPHS Livejournal community!
Hey all! This is Amanda, your Student body president! I just want to welcome you all to the JPHS livejournal community. This is going to be a great chance for everyone to get to know each other better, and to boost school spirit!

Don't be shy to post here; it's student run and student led; the school staff simply approved and announced it.


Oh, and if someone good at working with livejournals wants to help redesign this, they can go ahead. I'm not that good at the technical stuff on the internet. lol.


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23rd August 2005

eyepatch_kid1:31am: [OOC] the premise.
The premise we've decided on about why all these newsies are creating livejournals is as such:

In an effort to keep school spirit alive and well, the administration of Joseph Pulitzer High School has created a livejournal community. The students of JPHS have been instructed to create livejournals and join the community.

As you can see in the members' personal journals, they aren't too keen on the idea, and are currently only going along with it because they are bored out of their skulls.

Perhaps, with time, this will change?

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22nd August 2005

eyepatch_kid11:33pm: [OOC] Want to get involved?
Please comment on this entry in order to get involved. Please include which character you would like to be RPing as, and try to keep the character requests canon. Since it is an entire school, there is some room for OCs, but we'd like to have more canon characters than Original Characters. Once there are more players, we may open up more to Original Characters.

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eyepatch_kid10:29pm: [OOC] General guidelines for the Pulitzer High RP
As this community is both for in-character and out-of character material, we'd ask that you specify your posts as one or the other (easiest way is by putting [IC] or [OOC] before the entry title). Comments on OOC posts should please not be in-character, and comments on in-character posts should not be OOC. This just keeps the confusion level to a minimum.

This entry will be edited with more as-needed.

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